War and Peace

If she looks back at me
and smiles on the next turn...

she'll be my wife.
Guide us with thy infinite wisdom.
Teach us to abide in thy mercy.
And if it be thy will,
let this bed be my grave.

Mama, I must talk to you
just once more.

Well, well.
It's about Prince Andre,
I suppose.

Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Five days that he hasn't
been heard from.

First he comes and sees me
every day, morning and evening...

and quite turns my head, then
nothing happens and all's finished.

Now, let me tell you about myself
when I was young.

I had a cousin.
A handsome young man.

Yes, really handsome.
I know... Cyril Nutvich.
But must everything, as
in your case, end up in nothing?

Now you're being impulsive,
as I used to be.

You must be patient,
very patient.

You must wait till a proper
proposal has been made to you.

- He'll show up.
- The last time he came...

he had it right here on the tip
of his tongue, his proposal.

And he seemed so in love.
I'm always a little afraid
when I'm in his presence.

What does it mean?
Does it mean that it's real love?

- Mama, are you asleep?
- No, my pet.

I'm a little frightened myself.
Now go.