War and Peace

A little chit of a girl?
I beg of you,
put it off for just one year...

and go abroad.
There's this peace mission
to Prussia.

The czar and the emperor Napoleon.
They'll be signing
a treaty there.

I know you wanted to go
on the mission.

Now, after one year,
if you still have this love...

or obstinacy, passion, whatever
you choose to call it, marry her.

That is my last word
on the subject.

It's my last word.
Is it possible
that I, Natasha...

am to be the wife of this strange,
dear, clever man...

whom even my father looks up to?
Can it be true?
Can it be true that there can be
no more playing with life...

that now I am grown up,
that on me now lies...

the responsibility
of my every word and deed?

I have loved you
from the first moment I saw you.

- Do you love me?
- Yes.

What is it?
What's the matter?

I'm so happy.