War and Peace

I wouldn't be here
except I've no alternative.

I'm forced to be here.
You understand, don't you?

Well, I think we'd better
leave now, Princess.

Wait. I must talk to you.
Dear Natasha,
I want to tell you...

that I'm certain my brother
has found happiness.

Princess, I think it is not
convenient to speak of that now.

Isn't it wonderful?
Aren't you glad you decided to come
instead of sitting home all night?

I don't know.
Until Andre comes back...

I can't be glad about anything.
Well, it's only a few weeks.
Do you see that tall man over there?

Yes. What about him?
When we passed him,
I heard him say to his wife...

"That's the Countess Rostov, the
one who's going to marry Bolkonsky.

Lucky man. "
- He said, "Lucky man?"
- Lucky man.

I must write that to Andre.
He can pass it on
to his horrible old father.

- Countess Bezukhov has arrived.
- Bezukhov?

One of my favorites.
I must call on her.

Countess Bezukhov!
You're back in Moscow.

I'm delighted to see you. The city
hasn't been the same without you.

I've brought my two girls
with me, as you can see.

Magnificent woman.
Yes. You can understand how men
must fall in love with her.