War and Peace

You're back.
How was your evening?
Did you amuse yourself?

Yes. I made excuses for you.
I was worried about you.
How's your headache? Better?

- Sonya, you read that letter.
- Yes.

I'm glad you read it. I couldn't
keep it from you any longer.

- You know we love one another.
- But Anatole Kuragine.

- If only you knew how happy I am.
- And Andre?

- You don't know what love is.
- Then you are refusing Andre?

You don't understand anything.
Don't talk nonsense. Listen.

How is it that you loved a man
for so many months, and suddenly...

Why? You've only seen
Anatole three times.

I've never loved anyone before.
I know it's hard to understand.

I've heard it's happened that way.
You must have too.

It's only now I feel such love.
As soon as I saw him,
I felt he was my master...

and I his slave,
and I couldn't help loving him.

Yes, his slave!
Whatever he commands, I must do!

- What can I do, Sonya?
- If he loves you...

why doesn't he come honestly
to the house, to your father...

ask for your engagement
to Andre to be broken off?

- Why all this secrecy?
- I don't know. It doesn't matter.

Whatever his reasons,
they are good ones.

I told you I have no will.
I love him!

Then I won't let it come to that.
I shall tell.

Sonya, what do you mean?
You wouldn't tell anyone!

Don't torture me!
I can't live without him!

Natasha, what are you saying?
Think about Father and Nicholas.

I don't love anyone but him.
Go, Sonya.
I don't want to quarrel
with you. Go away!

Anatole, where
do you mean to take her?

Her family will find out about that
girl in Poland you had to marry.