War and Peace

- Why doesn't he replace him?
- We will show Europe...

how Russia rises
in the defense of Russia!

Napoleon will not enter Moscow!
Lord God,
hear us when we pray to thee.

Strengthen with thy might
our most gracious sovereign...

Emperor Alexander Pavlovich...
and give him victory
over his enemy...

even as thou gavest Moses
the victory over Amalek...

Gideon over Midian,
David over Goliath.

Smite down our enemies
and destroy them swiftly...

beneath the feet...
of thy faithful servants.
Preserve our army.
Put a bow of brass
in the hands of those...

who have armed themselves
in thy name...

and gird their loins
with strength for the fight.

Take up the spear and shield
and arise to help us.

Confound and put to shame those
who have devised evil against us.

May they be before the faces
of thy faithful warriors...

as dust before the wind...
and may thy mighty angel
confound them and put them to flight.

Let them fall
before thy servants' feet...

and be laid low by our host.
I came to say good-bye.
- I'm leaving Moscow today.
- Where are you going?

To the army. They hope to make
a stand against Napoleon at Borodino.

You're going to join up yourself,

I don't know.
I'm going to see...
I have to see what it's like...

what it means for myself.
Prince Andre
is in command of a regiment.

I'm gonna try to find him
and stay with him.

When did you decide to do this?
I've been thinking about it
for a long time.

Even you, Pierre?
- You will stay to dinner, won't you?
- Yes, do, Pierre.

- By all means.
- Only to say good-bye.

That's good.
Come along.