War and Peace

because of what's going
to happen here tomorrow.

I'm sorry about
your father's death, Andre.

He was an old man.
He couldn't live with the thought
of being driven away from Bald Hills.

How are they taking it in Moscow?
You know that Mary
has gone to your aunt's at Ryazan.

It was Nicholas Rostov who got her
out of Bald Hills just in time.

So Anatole Kuragine did not honor
Countess Rostov with his hand?

He couldn't.
He was married already.

Well, it was all very long ago.
I'm sure she's had time...

to forget her disappointment.
You remember one of
our old discussions about it?

I said that a fallen woman
should be forgiven.

But I didn't say I could forgive her,
and I can't.

But you can't compare Natasha
to a fallen woman.

What romantic dreams I had.
You mean ask for her hand again?
Be magnanimous and so on.

Yes, that would be very noble, but...
I'm sorry.
How are you, Andre?
You seem so strange, disturbed.

The first thing you must learn
about a battle is that...

on the night before it is fought,
the men who are to fight it...

are likely to seem a little disturbed.
No. It's more than that.
Perhaps it is.
I've been in many battles,

but for the first time I feel
that I'm going to die tomorrow.

Nonsense. Why?
I just feel it.
Why are you really here, Pierre?
Why, when you hate
violence and war...

did you decide to do this?
I don't know.