War and Peace

Someone badly wounded?
Just about alive.
It is a miracle His Excellency
has lasted this long.

- His Excellency?
- Our colonel, miss.

Miss Sonya!
Mavra, don't tell anyone about this.
Not yet. Promise me.
Aunt! Prince Andre is here.
Among the wounded.
- Andre?
- I saw him.

He is unconscious.
Terribly wounded.

- Natasha.
- She doesn't know yet.

- She mustn't know.
- His men say he's dying.

Natasha must not know.
All right!
Get those wagons moving!

Pull them up ahead
and turn them around!

You, in the back, pull ahead!
We've got another load of wounded!

- Officer?
- Get them moving! Yes, miss?

After we've left and the wounded men
are in our house, what then?

I'm afraid I don't know.
I'm only a transport officer.

My orders are to get back quickly
and pick up another load of wounded.

They're to be left here deserted
with nobody to take care of them?

To be taken prisoner?
To die?

I'm afraid that's in other hands
than ours, mademoiselle.

- If you will permit me...
- Take those chairs down!

That's enough.
Now, put it down now.