War and Peace

Where is he now?
Where has he gone?
What is this?
What is this?
Here we are...
the masters of the capital
of the largest country in the world.

We don't have a single civilian to feed,
and even so, I get these reports!

"The stocks are dwindling.
Food is disappearing.

Ammunition is on fire.
The danger point is approaching. "

Who writes out these reports?
Who is taking steps
to correct them?

I brought the greatest army
in Europe into this city.

What do I see around me now?
A mob of looters and drunkards.

They are not soldiers anymore.
They are ragpickers.
Junk men!
I am sure Kutuzov
must have sent emissaries...

to ask for
the terms of surrender.

What happened? Were they detained
at the outposts? Are they shot?

Sire, I myself have given
explicit instructions...

to all the commanders
of all the outposts.

There have been no emissaries...
from the Russian

The city's burning down
around our ears...

house by house.
I have given strictest orders
to shoot all incendiaries...

and even here, in my own headquarters,
you cannot get the...

you cannot get the stink of smoke
out of your nostrils!

Gentlemen, take hold.
Take hold, or I promise you,
I will replace you all.

With all your titles...
with all your decorations
and all your battles...