A Face in the Crowd

- Watch him, he's mean.
- Miss Jeffries, we'll wake him up.

Hey, wake up!
Morning, Mr. Rhodes,
I'm from Radio...

Get away! Get away!
The sheriff's here.
I don't care if the President
is here.

If a man can't get a little
decent sleep in jail...

Who are you?
I'd like to introduce you
to our radio audience.

Join me in a little chat...
Wait a minute!
quit racing your motor.
What do I get out of it?
I mean, Me Myself and I.
- Whas he in here for?
- A week, drunk and disorderly.

If you'll co-operate, I might
let you out in the morning.

Me too, I'm his manager.
The boys say you don't keep
your word any too good.

You keep your end of the bargain,
I'll keep mine.

Well, OK.
Is a deal, tomorrow morning.
I'll sing you a song.
I went to Sarah Lawrence College,
I majored in music.

I learned that real American
music comes from the bottom up.

When Gershwin played at the New York
it was black tie music...

but the real beginning of it
was in folks that never owned a tie.

I just bumped into a fella you
never heard of, Rhodes.

Whas your first name?
Jack, or Mack,
whas the difference?

Calls himself "Lonesome Rhodes".
Don't be rushing me,
cut that thing off a minute.

Give me a chance to lubricate
my Adam's apple.