A Face in the Crowd

Well, good-bye, dear,
I'm late for work.

I hate to talk against
my own kind but I never saw...

a man who could appreciate
how hard you women have to work.

They think running water over a dish
is all there is to it.

They never see you clean the grease
out of the sink...

or wiping out of the oven
the gravy...

or the apple juice that sizzles over
the side of the dish onto your grill.

How would he know that?
Listen to this.
"Dear Lonesome, though I never
set eyes on you..."

Listen. "I know you must be
saintly looking.

Only a saint could understand the
burdens of a housewife like you do."

They all say the same. They love
his voice, his guitar, his ideas.

They should know
some of them.

You're not fooling me,
you're proud of him.

There hasn't been mail like this
since you started the station.

Hello, Wayne.
Oh, so you like the fella?
OK, I guess we can put you down
for three one-minute spots.

Thanks for calling, bye.
Well, advertisers are
actually calling to buy time.

This station will make
a little money yet.

Go easy on the advertising.
I don't think he wants to stay.

Marcia, you found him,
is your job to get him...

Honey, whenever you see
this well running dry...

you just come over here again.
Thas right, Lonesome.
I'm afraid thas going
to be your name.

My real intimate friends
call me Larry.