A Face in the Crowd

Not just catchy songs
and funny stories, power.

How would you like
to come to Memphis, sir?

You put me in mind of Will Rogers
when he first came to Memphis.

I can make you a star, boy,
if you put yourself in my hands.

Shucks, I'm just a country boy.
I'm not even sure I want to stay
in this radio business.

I'm not one of these
hard pressure fellas.

But, do you mind
if I call you again?

Miss Jeffries.
Grand Old Opera,
thas the big time.

It never hurt none to play
hard to get.

You ought to know that.
You don't seem to be pining
for lack of company.

I get extra hungry
in the morning.

You cold fish respectable girls.
Inside you crave the same things
as the rest of them.

Tell the truth.
You're on in 8 minutes.
Is so hot this morning,
the creek gave up.

I mean it was bone dry.
So the young ones figure
they ain't got no place to swim.

But my boss...
old J.B. Jeffries,
he's got a fine swimming pool...

right here in town.
So why don't you kids
go to his place for a ducking?

J. B will be proud
to have you.

Can you hear them?
Can you hear them, splashing?

Thas your curly-headed
little darlings, enjoying...

J.B. Jeffries' kind of hospitality.