A Face in the Crowd

I've never seen myself
on one of these things before.

So if I start admiring myself
on this...

What do you call it?
Monitor. Show folks
what I'm talking about, will you?

The director said
all I had to do was...

He said I had to act like
I was looking straight at you...

but he forgot to say there'd be
a redeye looking straight at me.

You know, it does look
kind of familiar though...

It reminds me of my Uncle Ivan
after a night of drinking...

that fine old five star
corn liquor.

He put a star on the bottle
for every day it aged.

If the ocean was moonshine
and I was a duck...

I'd dive...
I'm too tired
to sing this morning.

Whas the matter with you
big city fellas anyhow?

Don't you ever go to bed
around here?

Last night, I settled down
for my 12 hour nap in the hotel...

and moly hoses, what a honking...
and lights a-flashing and
girls a-giggling on the street!

So I called the desk on the telephone
they've got in every room.

"Whas going on?" I said...
"It ain't New Year's Eve,
by any chance?"

"No," he said...
"Is just ten o'clock at night
in Memphis".

So I pulled back on my duds and went
out to see what the commotion was.

Hey, Mr. Cameraman,
move that redeye a little closer.

He's already telling us what to do.
I want to talk face to face
with my friends out there.

Which one of these holes
do I look in?