A Face in the Crowd

One thing I could see right off
about a big city...

there's a whole lot of people
in trouble out there.

You don't see it much in the daytime
when everyone's hustling around...

rushing from where they is
to where they ain't...

but is at night,
late at night...

around 4 o'clock in the morning
is what I call "the dividing line".

All you've got left
is folks in trouble.

I'm gonna tell you people something
happened to me this morning.

I'm going to tell you, and see if
it don't happen to you the same way.

If it don't move your hearts...
you're just a bunch of
big city pickle hearts.

I'll pack up my one shirt and
the Bible my daddy gave me...

and my cigar box guitar...
and I'll just get me
on home to Riddle.

Is true about the one shirt,
but I've yet to see the Bible.

The way he talks about the night,
I couldn't write it that well.

Come out here.
Don't be scared of this,
at least no more than I am.

A coloured woman.
In Memphis, that takes nerve.

I told you, he's his own man.
You just tell folks
the same thing you told me.

You see, is my house...
It burnt down.
She's got seven young ones...

Helen, look what they're having
on television, now.

Is about time.
She just walked around, because
she didn't have no place else to go.

I didn't know a single
living soul in Memphis.

Are you kidding?
I bet you've got 20000
friends out there.

Each one will prove it
by sending bucks...

so you can build a decent house
for those brats of yours.

Now, please, noboby send in
more than $4.50...

you might not be able to spare it.
If you've got over $10,
cut in for that house of hers.