A Face in the Crowd

Oh, I see the old clock-watcher
going this way.

He wants me to make sure
I leave time for the commercial.

You didn't know I had a sponsor,
did you?

Neither did I till I woke up
this morning.

He's a good looking scoundrel,
ain't he?

Yeah, I've got the commercial
on me somewhere. Les see...

Johnny Longshos tip
for the Daily Double...

No. No, that ain't it.
darling, you ain't forgetting
your little Arkansas Annie...?

No, that surely ain't it.
This is it.
Friends "comma" why not invest
in sleep insurance "question mark".

That is what you will be doing
when you buy your...

Luffler Easy-Rest
mattress "period".

It comes in six tasty flavours...
Well, thas about enough

Personally, when I'm dog-tired,
I sleep on the floor.

One of the best nighs sleep
I ever had was in a box car.

They say that a firm mattress
is better for your spine...

but if you follow that, ain't it
better just to sleep on the floor?

But, if you softies insist
on sleeping on a bed...

I reckon you can do worse
than a Luffler Easy-Rest.

End of commercial.
Maybe also the end
of Lonesome Rhodes.

Seriously, I was on the phone
with Mr. Luffler for half an hour.

I'm sure he's seen us
and hasn't even looked around.

He's got a loophole
in his contract...

and if you kill his commercial once
more, he'll walk right through it.