A Face in the Crowd

Don't worry, is kosher, Luffler
gave me a message for them.

Do you know the number?
Is the biggest ad agency
in New York.

Browning, Schlegel and McNally,
try information.

Browning, Schlegel and McNally,
long distance from Memphis?

Just a moment.
A Mr. Joseph De Palma, from Memphis,
he represents Lonesome Rhodes.

Is a crazy business we're in.
This is about some joker called
Lonesome Rhodes on a local Memphis...

Hey, he topped both CBS and NBC
down there.

Hello. Mr. De Palma?
Hello, I just thought
I'd let you know...

that Lonesome Rhodes
is being flooded with offers.

If you happen to be interested,
5 o'clock is our deadline.

All right.
I'll call you back at five.

Five. Well, my pleasure.
I caught that show on my vacation,
he's a living doll.

Could be.
EBDNO, in New York City.
You told me to pick you up
in time for the show.

Hey, have you seen Lonesome?
You'll find him in there.
In here?
Oh, you mean in here?
I wouldn't barge in there
if I were you.

I'm not you.
Hey, hey, Lonesome!

Lonesome, boy, hey!
Yeah, yeah, who is it?