A Face in the Crowd

It won't kill you,
if thas what you mean.

Is relatively harmless,
like a patent medicine...

Thank you, doctor. Now, les
get this train back on the tracks.

With all due respect to our
estimable television department...

He hates our guts.
and is sudden enthusiasm...
for Lonesome Rhodes...
I think we need a dignified sell.
I'd like a 15 minute participation
on the Ed Murrow show.

Mr. Rhodes is here, sir.
Don't you think...
I mean, is irregular.

I just thought if you and the boys
got a look at him...

you'd see why the TV shop
is sold on him.

Gentlemen, Lonesome Rhodes.
Hi, folks.
I'm here to sell these kidney pills
or whatever the heck they are.

Hey, whas the matter?
You got no spittoons around here?

Denise, would you bring
the gentleman a spittoon?

Now, whas your particular
problem, Mr. Fuzzy Lip?

Sit down, Mr. Rhodes.
You may as well know...

Vitajex is the sick sister in
the International Drug family.

They're getting ready
to put out a smaller pill...

Jim, before we make
any hasty decisions...

Look at these poor little
white pills you're trying to peddle.

They're kind of pale,
got no charge to them.

I got an idea.
Les make them yellow.

The colour of sunshine
and energy.

Gives a fella the get up and go
that sets him up with the ladies.