A Face in the Crowd

General, I'm willing
to put myself on record.

I say he's a risk, uncooperative
and unpredictable.

We've spent tens of thousands
to find out the key words...

like "racing" and "zestful".
Rhodes has the audacity to tear us
to shreds in front of the audience.

General, where are you?
If you'll forgive us,
we have to get back to town.

Why, hello, girls!
How's Princeton 28
and the old lady?

Afraid I'm making these
fellas unhappy.

I'm not in the business
to make them happy...

but of putting the public in
the frame of mind to buy Vitajex.

Excuse us, dear. Poor Mace,
he's already had one heart attack...

and you're winding him up
to another.

Well, tha¬Ěs his hard luck.
Hello, Senator!
Did you have a fine flight?

Splendid! Splendid. I'll join you
when I get freshened up a bit.

My guest, Senator Fuller, I'd like
to see him in the White House.

Don't they call him
the last of the Isolationists?

Maybe, in some of those
left-wing papers.

Rhodes, I want you to get to know
people like that.

I'd like to take you under my wing
and educate you.

Shucks, general,
I'm just a country boy.

Young man, never forget
Will Rogers.

He was just a gum chewing
rope twirling cowboy...

but he got to where he was
telling off presidents and kings.

General, my thinking is the second
section of the same train.

I've always gone in for
long range planning.

Right now, Lonesome
is merely popular, very popular...

but Lonesome Rhodes could be
made into an influence.

A wielder of opinion,
an institution...

positively sacred to his country,
like the Washington monument.

I suspect your idealistic young lady
disagrees with me...

but my study of history
has convinced me...