A Face in the Crowd

What time is it?
Marcia, you've got to come over.
I never shoulïve let Joe sell me the
idea of a penthouse over the offices.

25 rooms to be alone in.
I feel like a shipwrecked fella
on an island.

Larry, I know that island,
is populated with friendly girls.

Marcia, honey, believe me,
is a matter of life and death.

Call me soon, doll.
If you don't come
I'll dive off the balcony...

and I'm ten blocks from the lake.
Marcia, come out here.
I had a girl up here tonight.
I get restless.
I lied to you. When is over
I'm Ionelier than I was before.

Come out here a minute.
Look at all those TV aerials
sticking up like branches.

There's a whole forest of them
from here to San Diego.

All waiting to hear
what I have to say.

Is that why you woke me
in the middle of the night?

What I'm trying to say is all them
millions of people believing it...

doing what I tell them to...
scares me.
The General and all them big-shots
trying to educate me.