Chikyu Boeigun

But before that, it used to be one big
sized planet. That's according to Shiraishi.

But to us, it is still a mystery,
hence the name: Mysteroido.

You don't seem to believe much in
Shiraishi's theories.

Nope. I'm not bold enough to believe
in theories like that.

That's rather strange.
What is?
Well, a real scientist would
have finished his report.

Hello ?
He's here.
Please hold the line.

Atsumi, it's someone from the university.
Hello, Atsumi here.
What ? Mount Fuji ?
Which village is it ?!

Yes. I understand.
There is an earthquake right
where Shiraishi lives.

I hope Shiraishi is fine.
I dunno if we will be able to
talk to the villagers.

What do you mean?
There is a lot of radioactivity
in that area.

Really ?
Between ourselves, I don't
think many of them are still alive.

Something unusual must have
happened to them.