Chikyu Boeigun

The monster is not a living thing.
It is a remotely controlled roboto!

Who can have created such a thing?
And for what purposes?

I do not know. We are trying to
discover who is behind all this.

Excuse me. Do you mean to say that
this thing comes from outer-space?

Our enquiry is not over.
Professor !
Shiraishi's theory is correct.
This mystery comes from beyond the Moon

Are these UFOs?
Let's take a picture.
-Yes, certainly.

Ah, just the man! Shiraishi
was really on to something big.

Everything was foretold
in his report.

Professor, I'm done.
It's their base.
No doubts about it.

They travel by rocket?
- I don't think so.

According to Shiraishi, they use
an artificial satellite.

They can do as they want from up there.
Professor, I saw some UFOs at
the village.

Really ?
So did Shiraishi's sister.