Chikyu Boeigun

Please, have a seat.
It is a great honor to receive
Earth's greatest scientists.

Maybe, but we aren't very happy
about being summoned here.

To avoid war, you will have to
make some small concessions.

What small concessions?
As you are aware, we have been
attacked since we've first arrived.

We have shown you our might, so
we can avoid any other conflict.

Where do you come from?
We come from the planet that
Ryoichi Shiraishi has called Mysteroido.

If such a planet has ever existed,
it exploded some thousands of years ago.

Yes. It was because we Mysterians
started a nuclear war.

But some of us fled the planet
in time to take refuge on Mars.

On Mars ?
Of course. You all 5 people know
that Science is without limits.

These people want war. We hope
that you will dissuade them.