Doctor at Large

- Afternoon, Dr Sparrow.
- Afternoon, Charlie.

- Hello, Sparrow.
- Afternoon, Bingham.

Busy afternoon.
I've got two septic fingers,

a lipoma and four warts already.
- Congratulations.
- It's great experience.

I say, you don't mind
my mentioning it, do you?

But that discussion we had yesterday
about the treatment of herpes,

you were wrong, you know.
I looked it up.

Thank you.
Just thought I'd tell you.
I say, old boy, about that
Senior House Surgeon's job.

- It's between you and me, you know.
- Yes, I know.

Well, may the best man win
and all that.

That's right.
- Good afternoon, Nurse.
- Hello, Dr Bingham.

- Good afternoon, Dr Sparrow.
- Good afternoon.

Did you enjoy the dance last night?
- Yes. Did you?
- Mmm. Parts of it.

We found your pipe down a settee.
I've kept it for you.

Good girl. I'm lost without it.
Well, the mixture as before, eh?