Island in the Sun

- How was the beach?
- Oh, fun.

- Anybody there I know?
- Oh, you know, the usual bunch.

What time's the party
at Government House?

The invitation said 5:30.
The invitation said 5:30.
- Anything wrong?
- What?

Well, you've a very odd look.
You haven't changed to
smoking Egyptian cigarettes, have you?

- No. Why?
- You better run along.

You gonna meet Mother
at the plane tomorrow?

No, Daddy's going.
Why don't you go with him?

- She'd prefer to have you.
- Well-

- Tell Sylvia that I'll see her later.
- Mm-hmm.

[Car Engine Starting]
- Is that you, darling?
- Yes.

We'll have to hurry.
What time did the invitation say?

5:30. Do we have to go?
- I'd rather stay out here at Belfontaine.
- We can't very well not go.

After all, it's protocol.
Besides, it's a party to welcome
Lord Templeton's only son and heir.

- What's his name?
- Who?

- The governor's son.
- Euan, I think.

I saw his picture
in the Tatler.

Pass me a tissue,
would you, darling?

He's been stationed in the Middle East
for the last 18 months.

This will be a holiday for him.
He's going up to Oxford in the autumn.

You seem to know
a great deal about him.

Well, you know the island.
A male-young, white, unmarried,
titled and comparatively rich-

Good heavens. What else
do you think the girls would talk about?

- Darling, you're not jealous, are you?
- A bit.

- Whatever of?
- Anybody with all those virtues.

That's the penalty
for being so much in love with you.

That's sweet.