Island in the Sun

- Cold enough?
- Uh-huh.

What's your life
like here? Gay?

Not very.
This is a small island,
and there's a dozen girls like myself.

And not enough men.
Oh, the boats come in sometimes-
tourists, sailors.

Ever think of getting away?
- Constantly.
- Where?

I don't know.
Paris. London.

It doesn't really matter.
You know, you get awfully tired
of all this sun.

What will you do
when you leave Oxford?

I've got a seat waiting for me
in the House of Lords.

Ah, I forgot.
You've a title.

Don't say it like that.
You know,
there was a corporal in the army.

He used to take a peculiar pleasure
out of reading my name out in full-

"Private the Honorable
Lord Templeton E.J., number 6139."

I suppose it did sound funny.
When I was in Egypt,
I used to lie out on the beach...

close my eyes
and make a prayer to Allah.

"Please, Allah," I'd say.
"When I open my eyes, may there be
a pretty girl lying on the sand next to me.

Thank you, Allah."
- [Calypso]
- [Chattering]

[Horn Honking]
- I want some toothpaste.
- What kind?

- Any one of those will do.
- The large or the small?