Island in the Sun

Rita. Have you finished
with my wife yet?

Sorry. Your wife is not here.
She was here early today...

but her appointment
is for tomorrow.

- Oh, did she say where she was going?
- No.

Darling, I'm sorry.
Have you been waiting long?

I told Maxwell
I'd be at the hairdressers...

and then it turned out
my appointment wasn't until tomorrow.

Bit of luck your wife ran into me.
Hilary's been awfully sweet.
I insisted he come shopping with me.

Was it very boring?
Well, they say women have only two passions,
and one of them's shopping.

- Why did you buy?
- A bikini.

- It's really something, isn't it?
- Right.

You'd better rope off the beach, old man,
when she wears it.

We'd better be going.
- [Horn Honks]
- [Engine Starts]

Lucky shot running
into Hilary Carson, wasn't it?

- Does he still smoke those cigarettes of his?
- What cigarettes?

You remember those fancy,
gold-tipped ones...

that he has made up
for him in Cairo.

Perhaps that's what I need to be
more successful with my own wife-

a special brand of tobacco.
I don't know what you're talking-

## [Jazz]