Island in the Sun

if you really mean it.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Used to be the summerhouse
where the governors'wives did their sewing.

I told the governor
I'd like somewhere to do my writing, and, uh-

- Oh, is this what you're writing?
- Yes.

- Is it a novel?
- Sort of.

- What's it about?
- Oh, people and places.

Begins in London,
and then goes on to Hong Kong...

Cairo, Malta, the West Indies.
Is that where it ends?
I haven't finished it yet.
May I read it sometime?
- If you really want to.
- Oh, yes, I do.

I tried writing here the night after
I met you at the garden party.

I couldn't get
a sentence straight.

I just sat here
thinking about you.

It's a bad sign.
Is it?
Oh, somewhere,
someone once said...

that there's always a point
at the beginning of a love affair...

where a man can draw back,
where he's still safe.

Is that what
you want to be? Safe?

I've been in love.
Funny, I don't know
anything about you.

Well, what would you
like to know?