Island in the Sun

You knew from the first, didn't you?
- It's hot.
- Mmm.

- How was the trip?
- Pleasant.

- How is Sylvia?
- Pretty, as always.

- I brought the plantation accounts.
- Thanks.

I've a bit of news.
I've decided to stand for the legislature
in the next election.

- Why?
- Why not?

It's no good our sitting around
saying the island is going to the dogs...

and not doing anything about it,
right, Mother?

I wasn't even aware
the island was going to the dogs.

Boyeur has got a great deal
of influence in your district.

Are you afraid of Boyeur too?
He represents the people, or they think he does.
It amounts to the same thing.

You don't think I have
a chance of winning, do you?

- No.
- Well, I do!

I'm not afraid of Boyeur!
I'm not afraid of opposing him!

Is there something to drink?
I'd like a sour.

Your father and I were talking about
taking Jocelyn to England for a while.

It's death for a young girl
like her on this island.

She ought to have the chance
of meeting the right people, don't you think?

Do you think he'd ever trust me
to run the estate single-handed?

Your father felt like that about
the election because he was concerned for you...

- what a defeat might mean to you.
- Was he?

I don't remember his ever
being concerned about me before.

I can't remember his ever
worrying whether or not I went to England...

whether I ever had a chance
to meet the right people.

All I've ever had
is this dreary island.