Island in the Sun

- That's impossible.
- Well, come and look.

It's been taken out.
Is this a carnival idea of humor?
It's somebody's idea of something.
What do you think
we should do now?

Telephone your father?
I think we'd better.
No reply?
Try again. It's carnival.
The girl on the exchange may be on a jag.

The line's dead.
It's all right here.
No electricity,
the rotor arm gone, and now this.

Three times can't be a coincidence.
What do you mean?
Grudges get paid off at carnival.
Against you, me...
or my father?
It's Maxwell's car.
It's Maxwell's house now too.

[Drumming, Distant]
- What's that?
- Drums, in the village.

They carry for miles.
We need a drink.
Yes, we do, don't we?
Won't they worry
at your father's?

No, it's carnival.
They won't expect me for hours.