Island in the Sun

Why don't you, Jocelyn?
We'll go on alone.

Well, l- I have to go past the house
and change my clothes.

All right.
- Hello, Colonel.
- Hello.

Mr. Bradshaw.
Appalling thing. Carson.
He and I were quite good friends.
I can't understand how it happened.
Is there anyone you suspect, Colonel Whittingham?

Now, Mrs. Fleury, you know policemen.
They suspect everybody.

What time did it happen?
The coroner puts it
at about 10:00.

That's odd.
I went to the club after I left Father's.

I was worrying about Bradshaw's article,
how they'd take it.

I may have passed Carson's house,
at the very moment-

How awful. You might
have saved his life.

A few minutes earlier, I might have met him
in the street. We'd have stopped and talked.

He'd have asked me in for a drink,
and then we'd have found this-

- I suppose it was a thief.
- Quite likely.

Maxwell, on your way to the club,
Bradshaw mentioned the time...

and it occurred to me that you might have
passed Carson's house.

Uh, did you see anybody
hanging about outside?

See anybody? No.
There was a car
that drove by afterward.

Afterward? After what?
After I passed Carson's house.
I'm sorry I can't be of more help, Colonel.
- Do you think she'll care, Colonel?
- Who?

The ex-Mrs. Carson.
He was very much in love with her, you know.

I couldn't say.
- Poor man. He came out here
with such high hopes.
- Mmm.

Well, a chap can't pick the way he'll die,
or we'd all do better at it.

Good-bye, Colonel.
[Dog Barking]
- Here, Colonel, sir.
- Right. Out you get.

I steal nothing, Colonel, sir.
I find purse in cane field.