Island in the Sun

Absolutely, my dear fellow.
That's what
put me on the scent.

I'm glad you dropped by.
Happy to do that chairman thing for you.

- You ring me up the day you need it. Cheerio.
- Thank you.

[Horn Honking]
You're late.
I'm sorry.
I almost didn't get here.

- Why not?
- Oh, it doesn't matter now.

It does to me.
Why did you choose
this place to meet?

This plantation used to
belong to my family.

It was the first on the island.
I wanted you to see it.
Your family?
I didn't know that.

It was destroyed during a slave uprising
in 1843, during the French rule.

I wonder what
could have caused it?

Any number of reasons.
A single insult, a whipping, a girl.
Who knows?

Do you know what happened
to the owners?

That was more than
a hundred years ago.

And, now you're here,
and I'm here.