Island in the Sun

"for your peace of mind.
So, come now.
Confess. Tell me."

Well, that's what I'd like to say to the poor devil...

if he came to me.
Well, I'll be seeing you.
Oh, that book, Crime and Punishment,
I'll send it over to you.

When you get a chance,
you read it.

[Ship Horn Blows, Distant]
## [Big Band]
- Hello.
- Hello.

Good evening.
Excuse me.
I won't be a minute.

[No Audible Dialogue]
- [Chattering Continues]
- [Continues]

Are you nervous?
So am I.
All these people.

It seems so strange and unbelievable,
our being here.

Do you remember the day
of the governor's party...

when poor Hilary Carson
suggested you run for election?

- I never really thought-
- I remember.

It must have come to his mind
that very moment...

because when he came out
to the house that morning-

- He came out to the house?
- Yes.

You knew Carson rather well, didn't you?
Well- No.
L- I wouldn't say well.

Why did he come out
to the house?

It had to do with
the Belfontaine Fund.

The Belfontaine Fund?
Yes, he wanted to find out
what sort of a gift your father wanted.