Island in the Sun

Wouldn't it also be true to say
that the only reason that you seek the election...

is to revenge yourself upon the whites
whom you now think despise you?

That the only reason
that you want to be black...

is because you're afraid that the white world
will not let you be white anymore?

That you want
to use us, our votes...

so that you can still rule
in that world that you still belong to.

And tell us another truth, Mr. Fleury.
In your heart, deep down inside...
don't you still think of us as slaves?
- As a stupid, ignorant people?
- That's a lie!

- [Crowd Murmuring]
- No, Mr. Fleury! That is the truth!

And the issue here is
not just one of color.

The issue here is,
who is really best fit to represent the people?

Who knows them the best?
Who feels for them the most?

Who's really a part of them?
Is it you, Mr. Fleury, or is it me?
Now you may answer, Mr. Fleury.
- [Man] Boyeur.! Boyeur.!
- [Crowd Chanting] Boyeur!

Boyeur! Boyeur!
Boyeur! Boyeur! Boyeur!
David Boyeur!
[Crowd Shouting]
Boyeur! Boyeur! Boyeur!
[Woman Laughing]
He's right!
I'm not one of you!

I don't belong to you!
I don't want to be one of you!
I never did!

All right, friends.
The meeting's over. Let's go home.