Island in the Sun

They've got a vote.
They've got power now.

And I've got to show them
how to use it.

When I'm through here
in Santa Marta...

I'll go to St. Kitts and Barbados and Grenada-
the whole archipelago.

Shall I tell you why
you won't go to England?

You don't want that power for your people.
You want it for yourself.

You're afraid to go there
because you won't have it anymore.

- Do you really mean that?
- I wanted to admire you...

to feel that you were
superior to most men.

People don't count with you.
Nothing counts with you but power.

You use people.
You climb on their backs.

You can't mean that.
No, I don't.
You're right and I'm wrong.
I'm wrong and you're right.

- And that's the end, is it?
- Yes. That's the end.

[Man Vocalizing]
[Vocalizing Ends]