Island in the Sun

Anybody out
at the house today?

- Out at the house?
- While I was in town.

No, not that I know of.
- Why?
- I just wondered.

Darling, you must get dressed.
We'll never get to the party.

## [Continues]
Mrs. De Voeux.
Mrs. De Voeux is matron
of our hospital.

Her son also captains our best cricket team.
My son, Euan.

I know exactly
how young Templeton feels.

Eighteen months military duty
in the Middle East.

Desert, fleas,
not a woman in miles.

How do you do?
How are you?
No need for you
to stand guard, my boy.

I'll hold the fort.
You start campaigning.

Thank you, sir.
Oh, no, no. I can't go in.
I haven't been invited.

I can't crash a party
at Government House.

But you can...
if you're with David Boyeur.

I'll say you're my cousin.
What difference does it make?

It makes a difference to me.
If I go in, I go in as Margot Seaton.

If I have to leave,
I'll leave as Margot Seaton.

That's all right with me,
if that's the way you want it.

Well, it may get you
into trouble with the governor.

Me? Trouble with the governor?
Templeton needs me
much more than I need him.

Do you really want me to go?