Island in the Sun

Color, Mr. Bradshaw. Color.
Would you excuse me?
We'd better take the sea road.
Aren't you coming?
I feel like staying here for a while.
Beautiful night, don't you think?
What sort of a mood
are you in now?

So you and your friend Carson
think I ought to go into politics?

I think what you did
at the party was stupid...

deliberately insulting
David Boyeur that way.

- He can be dangerous.
- So can I.

Forget Boyeur. Let's talk about Carson.
He's interesting, don't you think?

War record. Bachelor.
The sort of thing that women go for.

- Hilary's nice.
- If I were a woman...

I'd prefer Carson
to Euan Templeton.

But it was Euan
all the girls chased after.

Too bad you can't
try your luck with him.

I know you.
You envy Jocelyn, or any other girl who's free,
because you wish you were.

That's true, isn't it?
Maxwell, stop it.
You'll tear my dress.

Do you know,
I've never torn a dress of yours.

- [Fabric Tears]
- [Gasps]

- Take me home.
- Home?

Women get bored making love in the same room.
A change of scenery helps.