Island in the Sun

Stop it.
Tell me about Egypt.
Was it madly dull?

Too many pyramids.
And not enough girls?
None to write home about.
Do you think there'll be
any punch left in that thermos?

- Cold enough?
- Uh-huh.

What's your life
like here? Gay?

Not very.
This is a small island,
and there's a dozen girls like myself.

And not enough men.
Oh, the boats come in sometimes-
tourists, sailors.

Ever think of getting away?
- Constantly.
- Where?

I don't know.
Paris. London.

It doesn't really matter.
You know, you get awfully tired
of all this sun.

What will you do
when you leave Oxford?

I've got a seat waiting for me
in the House of Lords.

Ah, I forgot.
You've a title.

Don't say it like that.
You know,
there was a corporal in the army.

He used to take a peculiar pleasure
out of reading my name out in full-

"Private the Honorable
Lord Templeton E.J., number 6139."