Island in the Sun

It's a great honor to dance
with the governor, you know.

- Yes. Now I know all about you.
- Oh?

- What did he say?
- [Mimicking] Odd fellow-writes books.

Confidentially, you're not a very good A.D.C.

You're too ambitious.
But he likes you.

I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.

Don't go away.
I'll be back.
I won't go away.
## [Continues]
So that's the reason you didn't go
to the nurses' ball with me, huh?

- I warned you, didn't I?
- About what?

That you might regret
making me go to the governor's party.

Aren't you drinking?
You do drink champagne,
don't you?

I mean, it's- it's not forbidden
to union officials, is it?

No, I don't think so.
All right then.
Come along then.

Champagne goes
awfully quickly at parties.

- [Ends]
- [Applause]

Excuse me, ladies.
Excuse me.

Of course, sir.
- Mr. Boyeur is having champagne too.
- [Resumes]

I was asking
the police about you.

- The police?
- Mmm. Colonel Whittingham.

We were sitting
at the same table.

What'd the colonel
have to say?

Young chap, no background,
fighting his way-

no idea where he wants to go, except up.
The colonel also seems to think
you like the idea of your own importance.