Island in the Sun

Here's your whiskey sour.
- [Calypso]
- [Chattering]

- Care for a drink?
- Love one.

- Give us one of those red ones, will you?
- Oh, look. They want some too.

- All right.
- Here. Want this?

Oh, and here's another little girl.
You come right in and have one.

Here you are. Got that?
And how about these girls?
- And don't forget me.
- Right.

Give us another one,
will you?

What was that all about?
There once was a man,
don't remember who...

drew up 200 different classifications
of mixed blood on this island.

Well, the children don't seem
to know about it yet, do they?

Not yet.
You've lived here all your life...
but I'm sure I'll show you a part
of this island that you've never seen.

[Engine Starting]
Come on. Come on.

[Man Vocalizing]
[Vocalizing Ends]