Island in the Sun

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Your daughter's
just been proposed to, Mr. Fleury.

- By whom?
- Me, I'm afraid.

Euan, would you mind leaving?
I'd like to talk to my parents alone.

I'll see you later.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.

If you're in love with him, I see no reason
why you shouldn't accept him.

After all, you won't
be any hindrance...

as far as his going up to Oxford
and his career is concerned.

You haven't said yet whether
you are in love with him.

Oh. Yes, I think so.
I mean, very much.
But it's not quite that simple.
Euan has a name.

He has duties and obligations.
I have to be quite certain.

Is there any reason
why I shouldn't marry him?

What do you mean?
What reason could there be?

Daddy, is there any reason
why I shouldn't marry Euan?

No. There's no good reason
why you shouldn't marry him.

- [Ship Horn Blows]
- [Car Horn Honks]

Oh. Put it down there.

[Bell Dings]
Oh, hello, Bradshaw.
Oh, hello, Mr. Fleury.
Hot, isn't it?

[Ship Horn Blows]