Island in the Sun

- Here's your paper, Mr. Fleury.
- Thank you, boy.

"The Fleury family is a perfect example
of the problems faced...

"by many of the old families
on this island.

"For 300 years, there has been
marriage and intermarriage...

"with nobody sure
of their precise ancestry.

"But a veil of secrecy, whispers and innuendo
has been drawn across this problem.

"Julian Fleury was
brought up in England.

"A distinguished Wessex family
was delighted 35 years ago...

"when he proposed marriage
to their youngest daughter.

"Presumably, they did not know
that Julian Fleury's mother...

who died in childbirth,
was a Jamaican with colored ancestry."

Is it true?
It's true.
What were you lashing out at
when you tried to slap me?

Your own guilt?
Your betrayal of us?

- Betrayal? Your mother never knew.
- She knew.

- Didn't you, Mother?
- Yes, I knew.

But how?
An anonymous letter.
It came years ago.

- And you never mentioned it.
- I saw no reason to.

I wanted to keep things
as they were.

- Faithful wife, noble mother-
- Maxwell, stop it!