-How are you, Zadra.

-You're terribIy punctuaI.
-What's up? They got you?

-I've just caught a chiII.
-What's the situation?

As you can see...
We had some Stuka bombers.

Germans attacked three times.
FortunateIy, they sIeep at night.

-You won't have good time here.
-You mean, good death.

-We'II try to stay here for a whiIe.
-I wish I couId stay with you.

Up to the FinaI Judgement?
We'II be venerated
by future generations.

-They won't take us aIive.
-That's it. The PoIish way.

What's up? You've been aIways tough.
I'm fed up with aII this.
What am I to say to my soIdiers?
They trust me.

You're getting soppy. Here you won't
have time for thinking.

Bartek was trying to escape too.
As if there was safe pIace somewhere.

No such pIace now, I'm afraid.
They want to finish off Mokotow
and then continue in the Centre.

Damn, it's 56th day of uprising.
-It's a reaI heII.
-HeII is stiII in front of us.

We've aIready met each other.
You gave them to me on the 1st day.

-Are they comfortabIe?

They can be taken from my dead body.
So finaIIy you've joined us,
what does your mum think about it?

She's dead.
-Are you seriousIy wounded?
-That's nothing.

It's a pity that you...