-I'm sorry.
-Come in. What's happened?

You'd better get up.
-It's not time for...
-How dare you? I'm an officer.

On the contrary.
It's the best time.

We Iove... each other.
How is Stokrotka doing?
Jacek, I'm back.
I hope I don't stink,
I Ieft my shoes outside.

Stop wandering around the sewers.
You were to come yesterday.

Did you worry about me?
No, but Zadra was asking about you.
Are you jeaIous?
Me, jeaIous?
I'm not jeaIous at aII.
But you're making eyes at every man.

Not at aII. I Iooked at Zadra
the same way I Iook at everybody.

It seemed as if you were after him.
I am as I am and I can't heIp it.
That's too bad.
You shouId stay in the Centre,
you have so many...

friends there.
-Here they'II finish us off.
-I know.

Look, what I've brought you.
Genuine EngIish tea. And cigarettes.
You know I don't smoke.