La Grande strada azzurra

How did you get
such a big catch?

With a golden hook.
Look! This one's
got a broken spine.

Poor guy!
Must have crashed into a rock.
Maybe I caught it already dead.
Evidence enough.
If an explosion had been heard,

you'd have spent
the night in jail.

Not sleep too well there, right?
Well enough.
We'll meet again, Balzano.

Let's move it!
See you again soon!

Cheers, Chief!
In fact, it's natural.
One first officer goes,

another comes.
Except this one's
got a motorboat.

Have you ever seen
such a moustache?

Bet it'll do 10 knots.
I'm fit to bust with laughter.
Now for the dynamite fishermen!

Quite the comic,
your son, Salvatore.

Beware of overkill though!
Time you stopped making
jokes about men who work.

Why, perhaps...
do I live off interest income?

Worse. With you it's like walking
into a bank to blow up the safe.

- Only the sea is everybody's.
- Exactly right.

- It's not only yours.
- You can profit too.

Who's stopping you?
What are you afraid of?
The Coast Guard?

Or dynamite?
If everyone fished like you,
there'd be nothing left in a year.

I don't fish
close to the islands.

You know damn well
I don't interfere with anyone.

That's the only reason
we still speak to you.