La Grande strada azzurra

You made everything vanish, eh?
I didn't touch a thing.
Let's hear what happened
striking a match.

I wasn't here.
- Ready, Commander.
- Directly into harbor.

Come now, don't cry.
Santamaria was old.

His hands trembled.
That'll never happen to me.

Squarcio, it's enough. I beg you,
I beg you... I swear.

Away, Rosetta, stop!
I tell you it's nothing serious.

He'll make a good recovery,
you'll see.

It's an old story.
Since he was a boy,

he'd leave the house and...
once a dynamite fisherman, always...
even if he is my father.

But he's wounded now.
He's out of danger.
Didn't you hear
what they said at the hospital?

He'll manage to avoid prison.
The boat will be auctioned.
- How's it going this year?
- Bad.

Natale still gets his price.
But I think there'll soon
be another fridge on the island.

- The Co-op?
- Certainly.

Need any help, I know
wholesalers on the mainland--

Genoa, La Spezia...
Thanks, First Officer.
But remember, there'll always
be dynamite fishermen.

Listen, why don't we give
each other a hand?

Each to his own, First Officer.
Would you come
drag in nets with us?

Fair enough.

Let's go to Campana Point.
Yeah, to fish for stones.
How so?
Be cause it's September,
the fish are on the move.

Let's go to Saracen Cove then.
Sure, to gather clams.
Okay, let's go where you want.