La Grande strada azzurra

Good luck.
See you tonight!

Nice boat, Squarcio!
Where'd you get it?
He got it
from his fairy godmother.

Give it back to Santamaria!
Greetings to Natale
for us, Squarcio.

You made it, Salvatore.
Each one adapts as he can.
Good luck.

Speak, Salvatore.
- Speech, we want a speech.
- Strength and courage, Salvatore.

Speeches I don't know how.
We're doing this
for our families,

for our children
you all know.

Louder! Come on, Salvatore!
Continue! Speak!

Listen up!
By uniting our nets,

we could enclose
10 miles of sea.

We've got our own fridge
in the village,

and strong arms!
Now it all depends on us.
Good luck, fishermen.
Let's begin!

Strength to the Co-op!
Long live the Co-op!
An extraordinary day.
Eh, sons?
A great day for fishing.

Yes, Papa.