Peyton Place

I'm sorry, Ms. Thornton.
I don't know how they could do such
a thing. You deserve to be principal.

Allison, a person doesn't
always get what she deserves.

Remember it.
If there's anything in life you want,
go and get it.

Don't wait for anybody
to give it to you.

Now, I have some work to do.
See you later, Al.
- Here we are.
- Good-looking school, doc.

That must be the new principal,
you know?

They really give it to you, didn't they?
Like everybody else,
they really give it to you.

Have you been drinking?
Work yourself to death, then they
bring in an outsider to pick the plum.

You have been drinking.
I know you keep a bottle in the
basement, but I won't have you...

...bring it into the classroom, ever.
Don't forget.

It'd do your kids good to learn
how to handle liquor...

...instead of algebra.
- You're talking like a fool.
- Oh, be I.

I sat in this classroom four years.
I sat right here.
Everything important
was learned somewheres else.

You never applied yourself.
If you had, you might've
learned something in school.

Tell my wife, a cleaning woman.
- Tell me, a janitor, cleaning toilets.
- Stop it!

- Tell every mill worker behind on his bills.
- I said, stop it.

If you had applied yourself, you might
have learned how to live intelligently.