I have drunk..
..all my joys and sorrows.
I have swallowed everything.

Where to?
Come and rest in my house.
Leave when you feel better.
Should I leave
when I feel better?

I' ll feel better when
I've left this world, Gulabo.

Everything is lost.
My job. And my father
has left me forever.

What I am doing here?
Why I am alive, Gulabo?

Don't talk like that.
The world needs you
and your poetry.

The world needs no body.
I tried my best to make
my poetry reach the world.

But you know how
the world valued it.

Waste paper sold
for ten annas.

My life is valued
at ten annas, Gulabo.

Do you want me to
live for ten annas?

Don't lose courage,
there's much to live for.

There's Meena.
How do you know her?
I read your name on
her file. Who is she?

She is a chaste and
virtuous society girl..

..who loves for
fun and amusement..