A Night to Remember

-Evening, Mr. Lightoller.
-Good evening, sir.

-Any more ice reports?
-No, sir.

What's the temperature like?
lt's almost freezing point, sir,
and still dropping.

ln an hour or so we'll be
in the Labrador current.

Well, the weather looks
clear enough so far.

lf there's the slightest bit of haze,
we shall have to slow down.

-Let me know at once if any doubt.
-Aye aye, sir.

-Now, Mr. Moody.

Tell the lookouts to keep their eyes
skinned for small ice and growlers.

There might be some of that about.
-Make sure they understand.
-Yes, sir.

And tell 'em to 'pass it on
when they're relieved.

Yes, sir.
lce ahead, sir.
Aye, aye.
-Stop engines.
-Stop engines.

Stop engines, sir.
That's field ice, Mr. Groves.
l'm not trying to find my way round
that until daylight.

-Shall we report it, sir?

-Work out our position.
-Aye aye, sir.

Evans, what other ships
are there near?

Only the Titanic, sir.
You'll have to call her and tell her
we're stopped on account of ice.

Mr. Groves will give you
our position.

Aye, aye, sir.
Order from the Bridge.
Special watch for small ice
and growlers.

l say, you won't drink
all the cocoa down there, will you?

l told Chippy to keep his eye
on the fresh water.

The lookouts have been warned
to keep their eyes skinned for ice.