Bell Book and Candle

That's how they used to exorcise them,
put them out of business.

In medieval times, of course.
Tell me, is it safe to write about all this?
Aren't you afraid of reprisals?

As a matter of fact, I am. There's a woman
very high up in the movement.

If I can find her,
I hope to get her on my side.

-Who's that?
-It's a Mrs. De....

-I can't tell you.
-Mrs. DePass?

How do you know that?
I heard someone mention her name
at the Zodiac.

They say she smokes cigars
made of seaweed.

Sounds like her. Hope I can locate her.
I'm going to start looking tonight.

Hasn't this cat got anything better to do?
-Couldn't you give him something to read?
-I'll put him out.

There's something about that cat.
They make excellent ''familiars'' though.
Almost all witches have them.

Pets who have to carry out
their masters' bidding.

-You did say we were going dancing?

I forgot. I've got something on the stove
upstairs. Don't dance all night.

I guess I'd better go, too,
so I'll get my coat.

-Turn out the lamps, won't you?

Sorry we have to run, Mr. Redlitch.
I don't like him looking for Mrs. DePass.
Put him off the track.

I see what you mean.
What you said is terribly interesting.
Do you mind if I walk along with you?

That's a wonderful idea.
Maybe we can stop someplace
and have a drink.

I know just the spot.
A bar called ''Mumbo Jumbo.''

-You keep in touch with me.
-Don't worry. I'll touch you for an advance.

That's a little play on words.
-Good night.
-Good night.