Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

-Did you like the singing, Big Daddy?
-Pass the black-eyed peas.

Look at Big Daddy eat!
Ain't it something to thank your stars for?

They've been practicing just for you.
Tell them to sit and eat.
-Children, come on.
-Over there!

Yeah. Over there.
Look here. Telegrams!
Hundreds of them from every corner
of this great state--

Wishing you happy birthday.
Do you want me to read them?
One from the governor and the senator--
It must be getting on to election time,
hey, Deacon?

Let's remember,
we're all lambs in the same pasture.

Everybody, including Big Daddy,
owes thanks to those in high places who--

Gave us nothing!
Every scrap on this table was raised
right here on this place, Deacon.

I made a pastureland out of this place
when it was nothing but a swamp.

And it was done with the help of God,
and not any governor.

''Boom, boom and it makes me crazy''
Great balls of fire!
-What are they up to now?
-It's part of the entertainment.

Don't they get any intermission?
That's funny!
That's very funny!
He don't mean it, Sister Woman.
-He loves children!
-Of course he does!

Will you put some honey on this?
They're all Pollitts,
I'm proud to say, every one of them.

I know Big Daddy's
just as proud as we are...

...that there's a flesh-and-blood dynasty...
...waiting to take over.
That's no way to talk.
What way?
''Take over.'' When we all know...
...Big Daddy's going to live
to be at least 100.

I'll drink to that!
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!
To Big Daddy!
In the name of every person
in this county...

:29:42 the name of the church
and school board, the board of trustees...

...felicitations on your 65th birthday.
Brick, honey,
I brought you something to eat.

I'm not hungry.
What's that supposed to mean?